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May 4th Meditation: Mary’s Family

May 4: Mary’s Family: The Trinity on Earth This is the year of the family. How wonderful that we have the example of Mary and the Holy family to learn that in our ordinary lives we can find Jesus right there with us.   “It is only natural that the Church rejoice as it contemplates…

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May 5th Meditation: Mary Her Immaculate Conception

May 5: Mary – Her Immaculate Conception * “How would we have acted if we could have chosen our own mother? I’m sure we would have chosen the one we have, adorning her with every possible grace. That is what Christ did. Christ being all-powerful, all-wise, Love itself, his power carried out his Will… This…

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May 16th Meditation: Mary at the foot of the Cross

May 16: Mary at the foot of the Cross “We find her on Calvary, at the foot of the cross, praying. This is nothing new for Mary. She has always acted like this, in fulfilling her duties and looking after her home. As she went about the things of this earth, she kept her attention…

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